Another 8 days to go...
To meet sem 3, the final sem.
And to get some freakin' freedom.

facing too much problems
this holiday.
It's good but kinda bad.
Na na na na na
It's okay. I don't really give a damn.

"Let the heart speak by itself"

But, I do cried a lot. Not really cry, but more to disappointed.
The karma will come to you...
Soon or later....

Ahh forget it..
Let's chill with this HOLIDAY
I'm wasting my whole time of holiday.
Doin' some useless thing.
Read some Ilmiah's book.
More to about the life in Hereafter.
Laughing so hard.
Drive anywhere I want.

p/s : I hate you... No... It just.... Never mind, I hate you.
p/s : Hmmm, this one girl is goin' to be someone's wife. I don't care if you're not inviting me, but at least you should tell me this awesome moments. Kenapa tak nak share kebahagiaan dengan kawan? Sebab awak tak nak kitorang sibuk tumpang kebahagiaan awak ke? Kata sahabat susah senang. And now perkara senang ni lah yg awak tak nak share dgn kitorang. Lepas tu blame me for asking this stupid question?? Ok whatever.. I always pray for your happiness.
p/s : I'm not angry to you, to him, to her, to them, to everyone. Just a bit disappointed.
p/s : HAHAHAHA saya okay, saya dah besar, saya nak lupakan apa yang berlaku.
p/s : Nak balik pada ego yg dulu. So saya takkan pedulikan sapa2 dah. Jangan persoalkan kenapa saya berubah. Saya berubah jadi ego sebab saya letih jadi mangsa dlm game. So sekarang biar saya yg mulakan permainan baru.
p/s : Sekejam itukah dirimu Syahirah? hmmm, maybe. hahaha


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