i just don't know what to say .
i'd been so moody lately .
everything is wrong and never perfect .
what is really happening ?

yes , i'm lonely down here without him , her , them . 
no more sounds of their laughing .
i just missed my old story .
when i was kid . . 

i don't wanna be adult , don't wanna grow up .
i wish i could stay like a child playing with her toys . 
i can eat a lot of chocolate .
i can make everyone happy .

and i realize as i grew up ,
did i make everyone happy ?
or maybe i said something that hurt anyone ?
i'm not like before . and now i have a lot of trouble with all .

just leave me alone , i don't wanna get you hurt anymore . 
i am t i r e d with myself . 
i couldn't do what you want .

notes : aku sedang merepek . . haish , , hidup kena cool kan ??



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