and suddenly i'm stymied . . . .

maybe i regret everything i said 
no way to take it all back 
now i'm on my own 
how i let you go
i'll never understand .....

never understand for something ridiculous that i do .

oh what a stupid things . .
and why should i keep all these ?
for a long time i wait and just wait .
even i sad for a while , but it never works .
i still miss you .
miss our relationship .

and for the last word from you .
 i stucked !
confused . are you just joke or maybe you are serious ?
if serious , then i know how much you really hate me .

did you really hate me ?
i never mad at you or anyone .
i've had forgot everything which cause this conflict .
if you want , i will ask for your pardon as you will be back like before .
but i can't . . coz i don't know why i'm so scared to talk .

and now i will stop .
stop loving you . 
stop missing you .
stop taking care of you .
and stop waiting for you .

just i wish you and me will happy as we are childish before .
please . i'm not asking for more .
accept me as before . and it goes same for me .

thanks to makcik karipap , for helping me . 
i am indebted to you , wait for your milo . .
hiah ... cuk... cukkkk

notes : i will learn to love minho only . . 
i will pretends that i'm not crying because it i really hurting . 
so i will stay cool coz i have my family , my friends , cousins and my minho .

notes : macam mana date dgn minho ni ?
rindu setengah mati kat dia ..

*mak , jgn marah oke , sebab adeq dah mula jatuh cinta dgn minho . hahaha


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