i was on her blog just now .
OMG , i can't belive . was that your blog ??
urghh . . i'm actually hope that you were writing about me
*keep searching*
not found !!
why , why , and why ??
please write about me . 

write how my 1st time come here ?
and how we be friends ?
then for sometime , you make everyone looked so weird to me .
why are you doin these ?
did i do something 'nice' until you broke me down ?
ohh my . . you make everyone hate me !!
E V E R Y O N E   H A T E   M E ! ! !
you talked dirty about me to them .
and you also threaten me ?? i would report it to the police .
but what can i do ? i don't want the school get dirty again .
so , my dad asked me to forgive them . 
forgive ?? yes i'm forgiveness . but but but , , 
should i ?? arghh , ok .
i will forgive you . 
and forget everything .
what are so annoying !!
F U L L S T O P !!

*oh , did you guys know something ?

ok , let me introduce my real identity . 
yes , i'm mexican . and they are right !
how do they know that i'm mexican ?
is it just the way i am or the way i talked ??

is that clear for you to know the real me ??
thank you .

*talk as much as you can . about me ? thanks a lot that you are willing to talk about me . 
fuck me ?? Ya Allah . . . *excuse me , what is fuck *
the word fuck ?? Friends U Can Keep . 
that's all i know . 
no mencarut ye adek manis . 

p/s : saya tak berniat nak mengungkit . cuma saya tak suka orang mengata fasal kawan saya . awak tak de cerita tentang diri awak ke yang sampai nak menjaja cerita K A M I ?? tolong lah *merayu sambil kembangkan hidung* 

p/s : well . i like to speaking . you guys ade problem ke dgn speaking ?? *aku speak malays , korang tak suka sangat . aku speak english , korang buat muka*
dah tu nak aku cakap apa ?? bahasa orang asli ?? ayah aku je tau . . 

p/s : don't teach yourself to talk dirty about others dignity , people around might hate you . and your kids(coming soon when you pregnant) they will do the same as you .  *cakap buruk fasal diri sendiri , tu lagi bagus*

p/s : mood tak tentu hala . sebab tengah tengah tengah ketawakan orang . hahaaha . kan ecah :))

bye bye


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