is that what you want from me ??

lets say the names of your most hated friends .

so i will not give my high hopes on you . 
i will forget you forever .
i will run away from meet with you . 
i will find another one .
i will stand up by myself .
i will be the saddest person .
i will not hoping you back .
i will forget all our kid's story .

i will , will , will , will
not fall in love with you !

i will not missing you

i will not waiting for your response .

i will leave your whole life .

i will stay away .

but when i saw your most loved friends , 
it make my life messed !

was that me ?
or am i just dreaming on the days .

please tell me what you want .
tell me what you feels ?
tell that you hate me !!
H A T E !!

help me on how to forget you .
help me to leave that stupid feelings .
help me to not be so ego
help me to have a talk like before .

*afraid to say hi*

and now , , , , 
i swear , i will not goin to stop loving you .
i will ignore what people said . 
because you make me count on you .

just wanna know . what is your agenda by doin all this to me ??

p/s : sedang bermula exam mid-year . wish me get a best results .
p/s : B accident !! habeslah hidung yang gah tu . . x(
p/s : the most i miss , AA . . . 


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