friends is +++++ than lover !!!

even he tired train me on how to 
face the world which not last longer ..

because everyone will not run away from satan to do sin ..
he teach me to liberate my real feelings ..
according to him : mens is expensive nowadays ..
forget about the past , forget someone who has hurt you , 
start a new life and you will feel better .
don't afraid infront new people , 

as i'm getting bigger , i will found a new love .
he just said that mens is different than women in love
 a women will do anything to attract mens
but a mens will just keep silent and pretend that they never like anyone ..
so i asked : is that true ?? how much can i believe in mens ? 

so my last answer for him was : :
"i will not trust any mens but always be their friends and i will survive this world without thinking who is my future partner"

> the lessons is FRIENDS is more to love than your own bf/gf . 

so i just wanna say


well i know i will be with my B . . . 

time for sleep , , good morning . . 


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