bersyukur bila aku lupa semua tu . 
bersyukur bila semua tu berlaku dan aku koma untuk berjutajuta saat
dan akhirnyer bila buka mata
aku tak engat apa apa .
everything was just like i was born again .

and now everything is around me again . 
fortunately , i still forget him . 
thanks to Allah to show me your hidayah . 
show me your way .
give me a new hope to live again . 

how can i find a girl to share my tears ??
the only understanding girls.
please , really need your shoulders .

and aku akan pastikan aku capai impian itu dan semoga itu semua akan berlaku .
sorry malaysian mens . . i have someone out Malaysia .
i'm fallin in love with him .
only way for me to forget man in malaysia .

( out for eat first )

zZzZzZz - eh tertidor lak lappy aku ni
bangun bangun bangun . .
sambung cerita .

[ i'm glad to know them ]

like     Amira Rosdi         said on her blog  click  HERE
yes we are so happy .
happy to have trust on each other .
we had a very very very good life and greatest story about O U R S E L F 
and we don't sell story about others like them which are sell their own ablush
oooppss , sorry to say . . 
so , let us stay in calm and peacefully without your fragile story
haha .
and mimin , like i said , . . i'm crying with all these .
my room was flooded with my tears . 

sorry         . terlepas cerita ni kat hang plak . btw thanks for hearing big brother  Azrai Zaharuddin
eh , si   pakcik keding yang mengada ngada ( |36)    pun tahukan . . 
sayang our relation . . 

p/s : si kecil comel ajak keluar . . sorry le , tak dapat join . busy laa . next time okay .
p/s : takut nak mid year exam ,. busy dgn sukan lagi . 
p/s : mau tidur , esok follow my dady pergi futsal . . aku la yang main tuh . . hahah . believe it or not . . 

p/s : damnhell , i miss you so much , . . :)


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