hari ini ada motivasi . 
mulanya niat aku tak nak masuk . 
- bosan -
tapi hati aku terdetik nak join gak .
patutla . . si penceramah ni hensem . 
*pendapat aku*
yes , dia macho bila style rambot macam tu . 
bila rambut dia mula memanjang . 
ohh , how 'ugly' he is .
bukan niat nak kutuk . 
that is fact . 

okay . the point is . . 
he is very awesome and and well i think he is cool .
the way he taught us how to improve our skill in communications . 
oh men ! i think i'm fallin in love with him . 
sorry no means i love him !!!
love his body language towards us .

really make a lessons for me . 
and yeah , i think i'm goin to repair and make my language and manner better than before . 

really thanks to Ashvin Taylor's
i wish that we will meet again soon . 
and and thank you for the file you gave . 
will keep it . 
hehehe . 

*what's wrong with me ??

that's all . 
gotta go for eat with my beloved dad 

p/s : saya tengah chat dgn budak comel tu . ouh how sweet . hehee


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