what i got to do ??

what i gotta do 
to make you love me ?

seronok balik kampung kan ?
dapat bergurau gurau dengan mak saudara . 
i can improve my +math with my lovely cousin . 
paling penting dapat mandi kat
Lata Tebing Tinggi . 

eventhough it was goin to be a heavy rain . 
then a few people steal our place ! damn . . 

ok i found a useful book for biology . 
i'm not sure that i'm goin to study it . 

and i saw a lot of 'it' !!
i fainted !! *toink
like this 

my heart beat fast growing . .

when its time to go home , 
i was sad 
sad to leave people that i really care . .

and i wish i'm not goin here anymore ??
i don't wanna be delirious . . 
just tired with stupid memory
with man ?
yeah . . h-e-l-l

doesn't mean i'm goin to stay here forever , 
maybe i should migrate to other country . 
meet new people . 
new races , new friends , new culture

and today . . 
its your day . . 
i was willing to wish . 
but i couldn't . 

ok , maybe i can say it from here . . 
i miss you . . . 

p/s : is this fight will be finished ??


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