i just feel . . . .

Lin , , 
how are you ?
are you okay there ?
i wish that you will be peace . 
just to say that i really miss you a lot !!
really , really , really 
Nur Ellina !!

still remembered our first chat ?
hey , you are so cute .
u know what . i wanna cry when i think of your sweet voice , softness . 
Lin , 
why some people like to slander ?
and why some friends does not get a long with me ?

is that because i'm not pretty as pretty ugly ?
am i such a weird girl ?
well , maybe annoying and maybe grrr ~~
or maybe i was too cross over ??

yeah sometime i didn't realize what i do and what i talked 

dear everyone , i'm sorry i just can't control myself. 
talkative is not controlling what are we saying . 

Lin , why is so hard to find a friend like you ?
is that because you are a gift from God to accompanied me even for a while ?
why a while and not a long ??
why you go first ?
lepas habis cerita Hani tu , i teringat gilerr kat you . 
sama macam you kan ?
finally die !!

i feel , mad , sad , lonely , bored and get really touching lately . 
i cry and i hide it .
i try to pretend so that everyone would not see it . 
but in deep , who knows ?
i was laughing until my teeth is going to busted . lol
i was hyperactive as i used to be . 
but it was fake !!
i don't tell the truth .

mummy , daddy . . 
can't you see your daughter is goin to be stress ?
your youngest daughter is not like before .

mood " i shoooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttttt!!!


i still feel the bad things !
1 question . . 
can i throw all the thing that i see in front of me ?
to show that i really mad ?
if i do it . 
means i really mad . 

that's all . we'll be continued . 

p/s : erghh , kenyang ! baru lepas makan nasi at 0110 am . 
p/s : i'm not chubby as Afiey . grr . . jealous with her !!
p/s : why am i being like this ? too emotional ?

p/s : totally sleepy . . goodmorning . byebye



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