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i just feel . . . .

Lin , ,  how are you ? are you okay there ? i wish that you will be peace .  just to say that i really miss you a lot !! really , really , really  miss miss Nur Ellina !!
still remembered our first chat ? hey , you are so cute . u know what . i wanna cry when i think of your sweet voice , softness .  Lin ,  why some people like to slander ? and why some friends does not get a long with me ?
is that because i'm not pretty as pretty ugly ? am i such a weird girl ? well , maybe annoying and maybe grrr ~~ or maybe i was too cross over ??
yeah sometime i didn't realize what i do and what i talked 
dear everyone , i'm sorry i just can't control myself.  talkative is not controlling what are we saying . 
Lin , why is so hard to find a friend like you ? is that because you are a gift from God to accompanied me even for a while ? why a while and not a long ?? why you go first ? lepas habis cerita Hani tu , i teringat gilerr kat you .  sama macam you kan ? finally die !!

i feel , mad , sad , lonely , bored …

old diary . .

i found this old diary when i open another blog .  ok , reminds me how funny i am when i still being childish . 

hari ini saya kena marah dengan ayah dan mak . semuanya gara-gara kakak fatin . ayah macam tengking saya . terkejut saya masa nak jawab pertanyaan ayah . kalau lah saya tahu yang ayah akan bercakap sedemikian , saya pasti tak akan tanya . saya terus terkedu sampai rasa nak menangis . lepas tu saya lari naik atas . terus halau ciko guna penyapu . ya Allah , kejamnya saya . derhaka lah saya hari ini kepada kedua ibu bapa saya sebab saya merajuk . 

saya tak akan menangis kalau tak ada alasan yang munasabah untuk saya menangis . tapi , saya pasti akan menangis dan tersentuh hati bila ada orang tengking saya atau tinggi suara . saya pasti akan menangis . pasti  . . . 

p/s : mengada-ngada kan . lol p/s : tak sihat lahhh . pinggang nak putus !!
p/s : byebye . . . 



jam 7 aku melangkah ,  menuju ke sekolah ,  hatiku rasa bahgia ,  menambah ilmu di dada . 
~ menyanyi jap ~
[ Mesyuarat PIBG dan Hari Anugerah ]

i've never felt nothing like this you're making me open up no point even in trying to fight this

tak tau entry > >>

hati tengah membara .
rasa nak jerit macam orang gila . 
tapi fikir semua orang dah tidur .
kang free-free kena sumbat wad GILA . 
why am i mad ?
yes , i mad to few people who are really annoying !
grrrr . . 
who ?
the boys and girls . .
some people that i trust . 
and now like fuckin mother in the hell !!

please tell me how to kill all them 
i really hate . 

hate !
hate !!
hate !
hate !
hate !

results dah keluar , results dah keluar !!

dupp , dupp , dupp .  jantung . jantung berdegup . (macam lagu wonderpets)

hari ni mesti budak 'hensem' tu berdebar debar kan ? yelahh , sebab dia lepasan SPM 2010 .

aku confirm arr , kau mesti dapat results gempak .  dulu PMR pun kau kasi gempak . .  tibatiba 8A !!
kat sekolah , kitorang macam tak belajar fasal che gu semua 'gabra' tengok results . .

balik rumah tak de sape pun yang tahu lagi fasal keputusan kau  dan aku tidur . .  z Z z Z z 

adek , aloi dapat 6A3B !! ha ? 6A ?? subjek teras A , bio , phy and chemist B ?? 2A+ ?? FUYOOO . . 
ok even aku target kau dapat semua A . .  tapi aku tetap bangga dengan kau . .  budak MRSM KKB ntah macam mana aku nak follow kau ?
yang lagi sorang asyik push Kimia aku jee . . .  tahu tak , Kimia la paling susah bagi aku ..

whatever pun , i wish you congrats for your results  6A 3B
Ismi Affandi

>guess yang mana satu ? > of course la yg tengah tu si Awal Ashaari . hahaha

p/s : tak sangka weyhhh . tahniah tahniah . .  p/s : kakcik merajuk !! grrr

buku hilang ??!

waktu Bahasa Melayu . Pn. Rosilawati . hari ini tatabahasa ye murid-murid .

hari ni kitorang semua kena buat ayat songsang . sorang demi sorang kena . dan aku pun dah lupa cam ner nak buat 
didalam kelas ..

  Ghani     |      Kan Yan    |       San                             Aku      |           Fatin

cikgu semakin menghampiri tempat kitorang . . 
San tunjuk kat aku dengan fatin fasal buku Fassih . dalam tu ada nota tatabahasa tahun lepas yang berkaitan soalan cikgu bagi . 
aku : eh , aku ambil ayat ni lahh . senang sikit . tapi aku tukar ayat jee lah . . ko nak amik yang mane ? fatin : aku amik yang senang jee . . ce ka tgk ayat aku ni betul dopp ? aku  : ye kowt . . .
ghani tengah ajar kan yan baca surah hafazan kitorang tadi . .
ghani : weyh , kan yan boleh bace ayat alquran . . kan yan : u tengok saya bace okay . (sambil meletakkan buku agama atas meja aku , aku bagi buku tatabahasa fassih kat ghani . tapi ghani letak balik kat meja aku )
ok , kan yan bace boleh baca tapi tak de hukum mcm…

what will happen if doomsday is tomorrow ?

no please , i am not ready .
is not because i didn't complete my SPM . not because i couldn't get married not because i can't buy BMW now . also does not about i can be with . . . .
it is about my practice is still not enough and never enough as the supply to the afterlife 

non-Muslims to Islam is currently looking for a light , but the Muslims are now trying to run away from the guidance of God . is it a sign of Doomdays draws near ?

i close my eyes and i cry  cry for pity people  shout like a  traumathic person  subhanallah !!
lastly i cry for myself  i feel very inferior in the presence of Allah


the miracle

its really awesome  'bismillah' and 'Allah'
masyaAllah . . 

p/s : may Allah bless us always . . 

what i got to do ??

what i gotta do  to make you love me ?
seronok balik kampung kan ? dapat bergurau gurau dengan mak saudara .  i can improve my +math with my lovely cousin .  paling penting dapat mandi kat Lata Tebing Tinggi . 

eventhough it was goin to be a heavy rain .  then a few people steal our place ! damn . . 

ok i found a useful book for biology .  i'm not sure that i'm goin to study it . 
and i saw a lot of 'it' !! i fainted !! *toink like this 

my heart beat fast growing . .
when its time to go home ,  i was sad  sad to leave people that i really care . .

and i wish i'm not goin here anymore ?? i don't wanna be delirious . .  just tired with stupid memory with man ? yeah . . h-e-l-l
doesn't mean i'm goin to stay here forever ,  maybe i should migrate to other country .  meet new people .  new races , new friends , new culture

and today . .  its your day . .  i was willing to wish .  but i couldn't . 

ok , maybe i can say it from here . .  i miss you . . . 

p/s : is this fight will be fini…

12 Mac 2011

i was wake up early in the morning .  but actually my dad wakes me up .  haha. dressing like boyish .  even in pink . just to see country's hero .

! Tentera Udara !

for Perajurit Negara : that you always be my hero , even though u are die in battlefield 

watching Big Momma  Like Father , Like Son Lyrical Miracle by Prodi-G

>he is so cool and very sexy in 'women'<

LOL ~~

and its me . . at East Coast Mall , Kuantan , Malaysia .

p/s : i cant wait for hometown . i miss my aunt , my family , my cousin and everybody xD